About Me

Hi, welcome to my portfolio website! I’m a freelance web developer in Salt Lake City.

I love what I do, and always learning to get better. I enjoy working with all parts of full-stack web development. Experience optimizing and supporting professional websites including marketing efforts, product launches, rebranding initiatives, and improving UI.

If you’re interested in working together please shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


React, Gatsby, WordPress


Git, VSCode, DBeaver, Robo 3T, Postman, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop


MongoDB, MySQL, Firebase, Airtable, Contentful


Node, ExpressJS, GraphQL, PHP


Netlify, Heroku, AWS EC2, AWS s3, Digital Ocean, Antsle

Roadmap & Strategy

I focus on your needs before even beginning to look at solutions.

Visual Design

I pay attention to detail down to every pixel and will follow your design as close as I can to create a pixel-perfect result.

User Experience

Strong preference for simplicity and intuitive UX/UI.

Mobile Responsive

Optimize layouts to look good on any device, big or small.


Will patch and update any code I’ve written to maintain high-quality work.

  •   chris@ccollins.io